My Brother´s Best Friend (Romantic Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Six

Chapter Six – Like What You See?

– Fine, fucking keep it, Brock. I’m sure you’ll find a way to have some fun with it. You’ve ruined the thrill anyway.

He looks at you.

– Woah.. Hey, YN! I was only joking!

You turn away from him, put your pants on.

– Did you find my brush? Or was my toy so intriguing that you forgot the important thing?

His smirk disappeares. He puts the magic wand back in your suitcase, and puts your brush down on the bed.

– YN, give me a break here. I found it! It was a joke. You know, like ha ha!

You take your brush, and start to fix your hair. You can see him in the mirror. God those abs. He’s been working out.

– Well, you have the social IQ of a five year old!

You can see in the mirror that he’s rolling his eyes at you. Then he starts to get dressed. You follow him with your eyes in the mirror. Fuck, he looks good. His abs flexing, when he pulls his shirt over his head. That distinct V shaped lower upper body of his, disappearing down into his boxers. You swallow.

– Like what you see?

Shit! Did he notice that you looked at him? Keep it cool, YN! Keep. It. Cool.

– Oh, please, don’t flatter yourself! You’re not THAT good looking.

– Haven’t had any complaints yet!

You turn around. What is his deal? Does he want you to get angry at him?

– That’s because the women you sleep with probably have the IQ of a peanut!

– Whatever. I’m getting coffee for the road. Want one?

You don’t answer. Instead you get your make up out of your bag. Start to put it on. He looks at you for a bit, before he leaves.

When the door close behind him, you close your eyes. Jesus! This is SO not going to work. Why did it have to be him? Why did it have to be him back then, and why did it have to be him now? You could stay behind here. Find a Greyhound or something. Oh, for fucks sake. It’s only two more days, one maybe, if you don’t make too many stops. You can do that. You have your music, and your books. Yeah, you can do this. Just don’t think about him, and try not to talk to him.

You put the rest of your stuff back in your suitcase. Then your stomach growls loudly. Breakfast. Let’s hope there is something in a vending machine somewhere that you can eat.

Loud honking from outside! He want’s to hit the road, and get this over with as fast as you do. Thank GOD! Maybe you could drive for 12 hours straight, and take an overnighter just one more time. Hopefully in separate rooms. You grab the Key, and walk outside, locking the door behind you.

Rumlow stands by the car, eagerly waiting for you. You walk up to him an hand him the Key.

– You could have thrown it to me. Would have saved us some time!

– What, like two seconds?

You get into the front seat. Look after him as he disappeares into the office to deliver the key. Jesus, YN. He’s really NOT that good looking. Good looking, yes. But you’ve seen better. Yes, you have, YN! Yes, you have!

You put your air-pods in, turn the volume to max. And open your book. You’re already on the next Page, when Rumlow returns. Then you hit the road again. He’s not saying anything, and if he did you wouldn’t have heard it anyway.

You just finished 50 Shades Of Grey, when Rumlow stops the car. You close the book, and look up. He’s parked in front of a fancy hotel of some kind. It’s not dark, and you haven’t been driving for so long. Is he going to drag you through another night in the same bed? If he is, you’ll be sleeping on the floor. Or kick him out of the bed. There is NO WAY IN HELL you’ll be spending another night in his bed.

You look at him. Remove your air-pods.

– Food, YN! We need food. Your stomach has been growling like a lion for the last hour.

– I don’t know if you noticed, Brock. But THIS is a hotel. It has rooms, and beds, and are commonly used for staying the night.

– They have a nice restaurant!

He says, while exiting the car. You take a deep breath, before you follow him.

He was right. The restaurant is nice. Nice atmosphere, soothing music. Nice. A waiter seats you at a table, opposite each other. Hands you both a menu. You look at it. A bunch of fancy names, none of which you know. And the prices. Jeez! You look at Rumlow.

– I… I can’t af…

– Don’t worry. It’s on me!

Wow. He’s paying for your dinner? Does he feel bad about this morning? Is this his way of saying sorry? Stop it, YN! Just eat the food.

– What do you want?

He asks. Putting his menu down on the table in front of him.

– I… I don’t even know what this stuff is…

He smiles at you.

– Not very fluent in eating out, huh? The NY strip is good.

You close your menu, and put it down on the table.

– Surprise me. But NO funny business. Keep it like normal. No snails or tarantellas or anything..

He laughs. The smile seems genuine.

– I’ll just get you the same thing I’m having. OK?

You look down. Why is he being so nice all of a sudden? Is he scared that you’re mad about this morning? Are you mad about this morning? You’re annoyed by him. But, maybe not mad. At least not very.

The food tastes good. And you were really hungry. Rumlow pays the bill, and then you leave for the car. You look at the time. Almost 7pm already. Well, guess you’ll have to survive a couple more nights. But in separate rooms, at least in separate beds.

– Thanks for the food. It was amazing.

– You’re welcome. We’ll be going out a lot more, when we reach New York.

Go out? Much more? Is he thinking about spending the summer with you and Jack. You don’t get to think anything more about that, before Rumlow turns the key, and the car makes a strange noise. You look over at him, trying to turn the key again. Nothing happens.

– Wh… What’s wrong?

You try to sound confident. But you’re absolutely NOT! If the car broke down that means.. that… Fuck! You don’t even want to think about it.

– I don’t know. I’m not a fucking mechanic!

– Maybe find an Auto repair shop or something.

He doesn’t answer. He just exits the car. And walk back into the hotel. You put your music on, and start to read 50 Shades Darker. You don’t hear his door opening an closing. And this chapter that you’re reading is really captivating. He removes one of your air-pods. You jump!

– God! Stop scaring the shit out of me!

– Can’t get the car fixed tonight. I checked us in here. We’ll get car help, first thing tomorrow.

Great, another night, in the same bed. Fuck!

You get out of the car, and get your stuff together. When you turn around, to follow him, you walk straight into him. Your back against the car. His arms on both sides of you. His face dangerously close to yours. Then he dangles a key in front of you.

– I got you your own room.

You snatch the key from him.

– What? Am I supposed to say thank you?

He leans in closer again. You don’t move. Is he going to kiss you? Why did he get you your own room, if he’s going to do that?

– You can play with that little toy of yours all you want tonight..

His teasing words, and that stupid smirk make you boil inside. You push him away, and walk away from him. Not saying anything. Fucking arrogant, childish bastard!

– I’ll be right across the hall!

That’s the last thing you hear him say, before the doors to the lobby closes behind you.

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