My Brother´s Best Friend (Romantic Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Five

Chapter Five – What did you dream about?

You scream your frustration down in the pillows. Fuck!

His hands roaming your body. His lips, soft lips, all over you. Soft moans escaping you. He’s touching you. God, it feels so good. Your first. It didn’t even hurt when he entered you. Like some of your friends told you it would. But it didn’t. He was so careful it didn’t hurt a bit. Did he feel it? Did he know? Did he know he was your first? Is that why he didn’t talk to you after? Or was it because of Jack? Was he embarrassed, because you’re his best friend’s little sister? Little sister. Arrg.. Fuck it, YN. Just forget it ever happened. He. Doesn’t. Care!

You get up from the bed.

– I’m gonna take a shower!

Your voice is angry. And you slam the door to the bathroom a little more than you should have.

Then you hit the shower, let your tears of frustration flow free. Why didn’t you tell him? Would things be different if you had told him? No! He probably already knew. And he was embarrassed. If he’s even capable of such a feeling. Maybe he was scared. Scared of Jack? Why did he do it? Why did he sleep with you in the first place? And why did he turn his back on you the next day? Stop it, YN! Just fucking stop it!

He’s already in the bed, when you return. You get under your duvet, and turn away from him. Stupid one bed, one room place. There is a lot of room between you. Probably enough for at least two more people. But you can still feel him. Why are you doing this to yourself? He isn’t even thinking about you that way. You’re just Jacks little sister. It would be weird. Of course it’s like that for him. Let it go, YN. Let it go.

Finally you fall asleep. Drifting away into the dreamworld.


His arms around you. His strong body pulling you close, his breath on your neck. His lips. You pull your legs apart, telling him it’s OK to enter. And you can feel his erection against you. Fuck, how you want him inside of you. He doesn’t waste any time. His arms gripping around your shoulders as he enters you. Fuuuuuuck!! Your desperate moans mixed with his. His lips meeting yours, his tongue swirling around with yours. You grab the sheets. Fuck, you’re about to come.

– Yes! Fuck me, Brock!

You moan, as he brings you closer and closer to climax. His warm sweaty skin against yours. The smell of him. The slightly salty taste of his skin. Goooood!

Then you explode. The orgasm is so intense you scream. You’ve never felt anything remotely like this before.

– Ahhaaaaaaa.. My GOD!!!

You wake up with a bang. Breathing heavily. Sweat bathing on your forehead. What the fuck just happened?

You look around. Rumlow’s sitting up on his side of the bed. Sunlight peaking through the thick curtains. It’s morning? Did you dream? He’s looking at you, smirking.

– What did you dream about?

You look away from him. Furiously blushing.

– Nothing! I… I can’t remember…

– Really? It sounded good!

You throw your pillow at him.

– Fuck you, Brock!

He dodges the pillow, and continues to smirk at you.

– You should hit the shower. It looks like you just ran a marathon.

– Aaarrgh.. Screw you, Brock!!

You yell, yanking a blanket from the bed, wrapping it around you, before standing up.

– Yeah, you said that already..

He continues to smirk at you.

– Shut up, Brock!

You say, before slipping into the bathroom.

– Want me to join you in there?

You can hear Rumlows voice when you slam the door shut behind you.


You can hear him laugh. You try not to care, but it’s not working out all the well for you. Shit! Did you talk in your sleep? Did you say his name? Please tell me you didn’t, YN! Please. Fuck that dream was intense.

You take your time. Massaging the shampoo into your hair. Shit. Please! You did not say his name, right? He does not know you dreamt about him. Please. Please. Please. If you did talk in your sleep, you will not be able to look at him, like EVER! God! How can you find out? It’s not like you can ask him! Fuck, fuck, fuck!

You search for conditioner. But you can’t find it. Shit, you’ll look like a fucking troll without it. Why isn’t there any conditioner in here? Fucking one bed, no conditioner place. Now you’ll have to comb your hair while it’s still wet. Where is your fucking brush? Suitcase.. it’s in your suitcase. Shit! Why didn’t you bring that in here? Because you wanted to get away from him, YN! God damn it!

– Brock!

You shout, as you turn off the shower.

– Yes, darling!

You can hear from the other room.

– Stop calling me fucking darling. I’m not your fucking maid!

– OK! What do you need fuck face?

God, this guy can’t be serious about anything! Don’t yell at him, YN! It’s bad enough that you dreamt about him.

– My brush, Brock. It’s in my suitcase!

– Brush? Like for your hair?

Jesus, can you ever catch a break? Can’t he just be serious for one second?

– Yes for my fucking hair, Brock. Just get it will ya?

– Sure thing, sweetheart!

You don’t answer. He want’s to play this game. Fine! You’ll let him.

– Found it!

You can hear him say. Is that a chuckle in his voice? Fuck it! You dry off, and pull one of your big t-shirts over your head, before walking out the door.

The second you go into the main room, you see why he chuckled. Rumlow’s sitting on the bed, holding your magic wand up in the air. Smirking at you.

– Hey, YN! What’s this?

You stop, halfway out the door. You don’t even have time to be embarrassed. You launch towards him, grabbing for the magic wand.

– Give it here!

Rumlow just chuckles.

– No use, YN. I’ve already seen it. Now how is this appropriate for a summer with your brother, huh?


You desperately try to reach for it, but he snatches it away.

– Brock!

You pleade. But he doesn’t listen. Instead he presses the on button. And turns the magic wand on. He looks at you, smirking.

– Aaaaaand, is has batteries in it. Perfect!

– Brock! Give it!

Now you’re desperate. You don’t even think about your dream anymore. You reach for it again, but he holds it far up in the air. You can’t reach it.

– What kind of speed do you like the most? I guess this…

He turns it up a notch.

– Brock, please!

Your voice filled with embarrassment.

– No wait… This! Sounds like you!

He turns it up a bit more. His smirk gets bigger.

– Fuck you, Brock!

There is no use, you have to find another strategy. And to stop trying to get it back feels like the best one.

– Want me to try it on you? How long can you go….?

– Fine, Brock! You do that!

– Huh?

He turns the wand off, puts in down on the bed between you. Man! This was easier than you thought. You reach for it, but he’s faster than you. He grabs it, and again lifts it over his head. You try to reach for it, but he grabs your arm. This feels weird. You’re both almost naked. And he’s holding your magic wand. Shit! He turns it on again. Looking at you.

– Nooo.. You like it this way.. slow and agonising.. yeah.. I bet you like it this way. Dragging it out..

– So what if I do!

You stand up. Looking at him. He smirks back at you.

– Tell me what your dream was about, and I’ll give it back to you….

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