Bound & Brockened (Dark Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Two

Chapter Two – Owned

It’s empty out in the hall. Brock still has a firm grip around your upper arm. It hurts, but he doesn’t seem to care even a tiny bit about you.

Suddenly he turns to you, pushes you up against the wall. Bends his arms on each side of your face, leaning against the wall on his forearms. All the way up in your face. He smells like whiskey. You try to look at him. But you don’t know what he want’s from you.

– I’m gonna have some fun with you.

You swallow. What kind of fun is he talking about?

Without warning he grabs your hair, yanks your head back.

– Are you broken or something? I said I wanted to play with you!

– Y… Yes…

He yanks you close to him. His whiskey breath makes you want to turn your head, but you don’t dare to. Who is this guy? What is he going to do to you?

– Open your mouth!

His words commanding, hard. You try to slow your breathing down. What if someone shows up? What if someone sees you?

He leans in, closer to your face. His lips millimeters from yours, as he repeats his order. You don’t dare to to anything other than opening your mouth.

He pushes his tongue as far into your mouth as he manages. Holding you in a tight grip. You gag. He lifts his head, looks at you. You’re starting to regret this whole thing. Maybe a cardboard box is better than this…

– So, no real sucking from you? I’ll fucking teach you to, to give me what I want. What I need. WHAT I FUCKING DESERVE!

Screaming the last words to you, he once again pushes you up against the wall. You’re scared. Is this guy dangerous?

One of his hands glides up the inside of your thigh, all the way up to your underwear. As he leans in to you, licking your earlobe.

– Nice fucking pussy, though. For me to use. I’ll get it nice and ready for me.

You swallow. Are you like a sex-slave now?

– Pull down your underwear!

You slowly move your hands, to do what he told you.

– Too slow!

He says through gritted teeth. Before he literally rips your underwear of you. He lifts the ripped fabric up to your face, makes a little ball out of it, before he pushes it into your mouth. You let out a little whimper. Almost impossible to hear.

– Shhhh..

He says, again through gritted teeth.

He reaches into his jacket pocket. Takes something out. Presents it to you. You have no idea what it is. But as soon as he turns it on, you get the picture. After seeing on your expression that you know what it is. He moves it down lets his hand, and the device, rest between your legs. Not all the way to the top, but close enough for you to feel it vibrating.

– We have a two hour cab drive, to get to my place. Let’s see how long you last.

He carefully slips one part of the device inside of you, and moves the other part, so it touches your clit. You suck in a breath. When he’s done, he lifts his face, look into your eyes. Lifts up his phone, touches the screen. The vibrations makes you jump. He laughs a bit, before turning the vibrations off.

– Good, it’s working. Find me a cab!

You have no idea what this guy is expecting from you. So you just start to walk, when he grabs your hair, drags your head back, before he removes your underwear from your mouth. Placing them in your hand.

– Put them in my pocket!

You put your ripped underwear into his jacket pocket as fast as you can. You don’t want him to rip anything else off you.

When you turn away from him again, one of his hands grabs your neck. To the common bystander it would look like he was caressing your hair. But for you, his grip hurts.

Well out on the street, you lift your arm to stop a cab. It doesn’t take long, before one stops, and Brock gets into the backseat with you. Gives the driver his address.

Almost before the cab starts to drive. He leans in close, whispers in your ear, as he turns on the device.

– Hold it!

You hold your breath. Trying to move into a position that will make the device not push against your clit like this. It’s almost impossible. Fuck!

Brock lets one of his hands glide up your thigh. Pushing your dress further and further up. Teasing the inside of your thigh with his fingertips.

He turns the device up a notch. You can hear the vibrations now, and you hope for the love of God, that the driver doesn’t hear them. Shit, this is embarrassing.

Brock leans in again.

– Keep on holding it…

As he once again turns the device up. You let out a little whimper.

– Not yet! I will punish you, if you do not do as I tell you.

He whispers in your ear. You push your legs together. Every muscle in your body tenses up. You desperately try to keep it in. Where is he going with this?

You let out another whimper. Louder this time. As you once again try to find a comfortable way to sit. You’re dripping. You can feel your juices dripping out of you, down on the seat.

Brock grabs your thigh, hard. Another whimper. The cab driver looks at you in the rearview mirror. Fuck, he noticed. Furiously blushing, you continue to desperately hold in your moans, and your orgasm.

– We’ll be there soon…

Brock whispers to you, as he turns the device to max. He instantly feels that you tense up. Grabbing your face, roughly kissing you, before he moves his lips back to your ear. Licking your earlobe.

– Let it go… Come!

With the fear of disobeying him gone, you can’t hold it in anymore. You loose control of your own body.

Gliding down in the seat, you scream in pleasure. Brock just sits there next to you, not doing anything. Fuck! This is the most embarrassed you’ve EVER been. He keeps the device on max, until the cab stops outside his apartment.

You still half sit, half lie in the back seat next to him, when the cab driver turns around to face you. You close your eyes. Your face probably looks like a tomato, but at least you don’t have to look at the driver.

– How much?

Brock asks, in his own angry way. The driver clears his throat.

– Lend me your girl, and we’ll call it even!

You can feel your heart beating faster. Please, please no. I’ll do absolutely EVERYTHING you ask me to. Just please don’t use me like that. You think, trying to keep your tears of fear back.

Brock laughs a bit, before he yanks you up in the seat again.

– Open your eyes!

He commands you. Shit. You do as he tells you to. You just hope and pray with all you have, that he won’t take this offer. He did pay 750.000$ for you. So he must have money. Maybe he spent it all on you? Maybe this is why he bought you? To make money out of you.

– Do I look like a guy that shares?

He spits the words to the driver. Almost like he wants to mock him.

– I’m sorry. But with the way she’s giving it all away like that…

– Shut up!

Brock yells at him. Before he moves his hand up between your legs, removing the device. You let out a breath, when he moves it out of you, feeling your juices pouring out of you with it.

Brock moves your face, so he can look into your eyes. He leans down, kisses you, before he lifts the device up, between you and the driver.

The driver looks scared. You’re unsure what you feel.

– Let me show you what you’re not getting!

Brock tells the driver, before he forces the device into your mouth.

– Yes! That’s it! Suck on it! Taste yourself!

Brock says, as he looks deeply into your eyes. Not once moving them away, to see how the driver is reacting to his move.

– You know what…

The driver speaks..

– This fair is free of charge. Just get out of my cab.

Brock’s expression changes. He removes the device from your mouth. Looks at the driver.

– Thanks, my man.

He says, before he drags you with him. Out of the cab.

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