Bound & Brockened (Dark Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Three

Chapter Three – Choices

His apartment is small. Based on the amount of money he has. The first room you enter is a little hall. A few shoes neatly placed on a shoe rack, and a couple of jackets just as neatly hanging on a coat stand. He’s organised, almost like military standard. When he locks the door, you notice that he has like 4 or 5 locks on it. Is he some kind of runaway? Are there people after him? This can’t be safe at all.

Further in, you enter something that looks like a living room and bed room in one. A couch, a coffee table and a big screen TV on one side, and a king size bed on the other. Everything is just as neatly placed as out in the hall. Every pillow has it’s own place. The bed neatly made. You try to memorise every detail. Just in case something happens. In case he really is dangerous. In case he want’s to kill you. What can you use to protect yourself?

Without warning he grabs your shoulders. Holds you in place. His grip hurts, and you’re scared out of your mind.

– Stand there!

He commands.

You don’t dare move. Instead you try to look around once again. What is he going to do to you? A cardboard box sounds pretty good right about now. Why did you make this choice again?

He walks over to his bed, sits down, and gets something out from under the bed. A trunk or a suitcase of some kind. You follow him with your eyes. Every movement. You can’t see what’s inside the box, but you can hear that it’s some kind of Shackles. You swallow. His he going to tie you up?

He puts a lot of stuff up on his bed. You can see shackles, a padlock, some form of handcuffs. Fuck! After getting what he needs, he comes over to you again. Gives you something. Looks like a harness of some kind.

– Take this on!

He commands again.

You take the harness, look at it, before you look back up at him.

– What’s this?

You ask, your voice low, almost whispering.

– Your clothes!

He says. Again in his hard, demanding way.

– Put them on!

You look at the harness again. Put them on? How? This isn’t even a piece of clothing. Just something that looks like a belt, and some shackles.

– How?

You ask. Now you’re starting to shake from the fear. He will not treat you well if you don’t do what he tells you to.

– Perfect!

He says. Looking at you.

Perfect what? What is going on inside his head?

His hand hits the side of your face, before he grabs your chin. His fingers digging into your skin. You whimper. He yanks your face into his, and let his tongue glide over your lips.

– I can still taste you on your lips…

“Here’s your proof of ownership!” That sentence repeats over and over in your head. This guy actually owns you.

– I’ll fucking get it on you.

He says, before he rips the rest of your clothes off you. Now totally naked in front of him, he takes a long and good look at you. Lets his tongue glide over his lips, before he yanks you around, and roughly gets the harness on you. Not bothering to be careful. Tightens the harness to the point it hurts. You try to not make any sounds. You don’t know if he want’s you to or not.

When he’s done. He drags you over to the couch, and places you stomach down over the armrest. Your behind up in the air. On display for him. Fuck! Then he just leaves you there. Proceeds with something else over by the bed. You want to turn your head, but you don’t dare to.

You can hear him working on something. Something massive by the sound of it. Something he attaches to the wall. You swallow. You don’t know much about rough sex and BDSM. But you know enough to understand that this is not good.

You can hear him picking the strange looking handcuffs off the bed when he’s finished. Then footsteps towards you.


You jump, from the hit on your behind. He lets his hand rest there. Squeezing.

– You’re a fine little piece of ass. I’ll teach you. You’ll be my perfect little toy in no time.

Teach you what?

You don’t get to think a second more, before he grabs your hair, yanks you up, and spins you around. Presents the handcuffs to you. Looks like they came with the harness. Black leather, with a chain holding them together. You swallow, but you give him your hands. Let him put it on you. Thank God it has some kind of soft fabric on the inside, thankfully it doesn’t hurt.

When the handcuffs are secured around your wrists, he turns away from you, grabs the chain holding the handcuffs together, and walks you over to whatever he worked on, while you were on your stomach over the armrest.

You take a look at it. You’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s like a cross on his wall. With some kind of hooks on. Several places. If you were to take a guess, you were to guess that this was some form of torture device. You swallow, and involuntarily take a step backwards. Brock holds you in place, yanks you around again. Pushes you up against the wall, lifts your arms, and secure the handcuffs on one of the hooks over your head.

– THIS is your place!

You swallow again, before looking at him. You’re just gonna stand here? How will you be sleeping? Will he give you food?

You look at the bed, it’s there, right in front of you. More than big enough for the both of you. And it looks nice and warm to sleep in. This wasn’t exactly what you had in mind, when you agreed to be sold off. If you knew where you’d end up. You’d chose the cardboard box any day of the week.

You realise that he’s looking at you, looking at the bed, so you look down on your feet instead. You feel cold, and used, and scared. Who is this guy?

He grabs your chin again. Lifts your face up, to face the bed.

– THAT! You see that?

You just nod. The fear makes you unable to speak.

– That is something you earn! Got it?

You nod again. Trying to keep your tears back. Shouldn’t you’ve earned a night in the bed already? From the cab drive over? You did what he told you.

He lets go of you, and walks towards a door, that leads in to what you can only assume is the kitchen.

– Wh.. What are you doing?

You ask, scared. Half convinced this is when he gets out a knife and kills you.

– I’m getting some food. And then I’m going to bed!

As soon as he says food, your stomach growls. Shit, you’re hungry. He turns and looks at you. You look back, in the hopes that he’ll at least give you something. Anything will do right now.

– You’re hungry…

It’s not so much as a question. More like a statement. You nod. He turns in his tracks, and walks back to you. Instantly grabs your pussy. You gasp, up on your tiptoes, as his fingers digs into your flesh.

– Want pizza?

He asks. Not affected by the pain in your face. You desperately nod.

– Don’t you have words to use?

He asks, grabbing harder.


You scream in pain. He smiles at you. Lets go, and spanks you a couple of times.

– Good girl.. Pizza it is then. It’ll be about 30 minutes, and when we wait. We’ll play a little game…

You can feel your body moving closer to the wall. As that will help. This guy scares you. He seems dangerous, and unusually rough. Not a care in the world. Not even you, although you cost him 750.000$.

What kind of game is he talking about?

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