Bound & Brockened (Dark Rumlow X Reader) Chapter One

Chapter One – Hades

Brock Rumlow, a ruthless badass, with a fucked up dominant side! After a mission goes terribly wrong, he gets fired from his job. After picking up girls in bars for a while, he gets that he needs more. No more of these fucked up, girls that leaves the next morning. He needs something stable. Someone he can use, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. Someone he can get out his frustration on.

So he decides to buy you, at an auction!

You had no money, no place to live, nothing left. That’s the only reason you decided to give yourself away. To use the only thing you had, to maybe get some food and a roof over your head. You had no idea what you were walking into!


Containing graphic descriptions of non-con elements, bdsm, different forms of torture, graphic sexual descriptions.



Brock wakes up, turns to his side, and stretches out his arm, onto nothing. Fuck! She left already. He was so ready for that morning fuck right about now. His cock still throbbing from last night. How he fucked her brains out. Roughed her up. Her screaming his name as she came all around him. Her juices dripping down his jaw, after he sucked on her clit, until she squirted all over his face. Fuck!

She was good, sure. Gave him what he needed and wanted for those few hours she was his. There was only one problem, other than the obvious one, that she left. She liked it, all if it. No tears, no begging him to stop, no cries of pain, no trying to get away, not even a tiny scream for help. No fucking nothing.

After years working in a secret military branch, operated by the US government. Brock was used to torture, all kinds of torture, both mental and physical. He was good at it. He enjoyed it. It was a good way to get his frustration out. Legally, sanctioned by the government. Secret. No one knew what he was really doing. But that was up until..

This last mission. He went overboard. Misjudged a situation. Half of his team was killed. And he got fired. Not even a warning. Just a “leave your credentials behind”. And now, no one even knew he existed. He was so deep in, that he basically didn’t exist.

Now he made his money by illegal poker games, working as an enforcer, and other illegal stuff. The pay was good, and he still got to use his military skills. By now, he was a well known enforcer. Going by the street name “Hades”, due to his lack of conscience, and his ruthless way of doing things. He held all the power. Always got the job done, no matter who he had to hurt to get there.

Sex addict? Maybe. But it could also be as simple as the fact that he enjoyed to watch people suffer. He enjoyed to overpower people. Force them to to things. It made him feel powerful. Maybe that was what he was really addicted to. The power he felt, when he tied people up, inflicted pain. The pleasure he got from watching the fear in their faces. Now, THAT was something.

But it wasn’t enough. Night time he was alone, except from the times he brought girls home. And they were never there when he woke up the next morning. Probably because he was too rough. He could buy a prostitute. But those girls would probably fight back. No, he needed someone stable, someone he owned. Someone that didn’t leave. That’s why he checked the dark web that day, for auctions. Auctions where he could buy a slave. And that’s why he got into a cab, drove two hours away, to see if they had someone he could use.


– Put this on!

The guy doesn’t even look at you. It’s like you don’t even exist.

– And wear your hair down!

You swallow, before you take a deep breath. Put on the little dress he threw at you, before letting your hair fall down. The guy continues to look at you. Before tilting his head a little, and raise his eyebrows.

– Well. Let’s start the bidding at 500.000$. I don’t think we can get much more for this one.

He gives you a piece of paper, with the number “2” on it.

– GROUP 2!

He yells, before another guy, comes over to you, takes you away.

You have no idea what to do. The only thing you know, it that this is your chance to get off the street. To get some rich dude to buy you. For what, you have no clue. You just know that you can’t spend another night on cardboard boxes in parking garages.

– What is group 2?

You ask, as the guy places you in line, behind a-lot of other girls.

The guy looks at you. He is older, grey hair, a black suit with a black tie. His eyes pierces you. It’s like he hates you, and want’s you to spontaneously combust right there in front of him. You swallow again.

– No questions!

He snaps, before he leaves.


– 500$ entry fee!

The guy at the door puts his hand on Brock’s shoulder, as he enters. Brock turns a look at him.

– 500 fucking $?

He asks, angry.

– This is a well known auction house, sir!

Fine! Why the fuck not! Brock thinks, before counting up 500$, and gives them to the guy.

– You better have some nice ass for me!

He says, as he walks inside. Takes a seat in the very back. A trick he learned a long time ago. If you want something, don’t let every other bidder in the house know about it.

– Champagne, sir?

A guy comes over with a tray. Brock takes a look at the flutes on the tray.

– Don’t you have something better to drink?

The guy with the tray snaps his fingers.

– Pedro! Whiskey for the gentleman in the back!

Before Brock can even tell what kind he wants, he gets a glass in his hand. He empties it in one chug. Gives the glass back.

– You got any more?

Under a minute later he sits there with a new glass in his hand, watching as the auction begins.

When the tenth girl is sold off, Brock is about to give up this whole shit. No one, not one single one meets his standards. He is about to chug his third glass of whiskey when he sees you.

– Number 11. The bidding will start at 500.000. Can I get 510.000?

Brock can’t take his eyes away from you. THIS ONE! This is the one he wants.

– 510.000 from this lovely gentleman in the front!

Brock assesses the situation between two bidders in the front. It starts with going up 25.000 to 50.000. When the price is up to 650.000 it starts to die off. Up by only 5 or 10.

– 675.000$ going once, twice…

Brock gets up.

– 750.000$

He almost yells. He want’s this one. No matter the cost. The room goes silent. It’s the highest price of the night. And a total unknown guy in the back is the bidder.

– 750.000$. Going once, twice….

The two other bidders in the front, shakes their heads.

– SOLD, to the gentleman in the back. Payments are done in the office!

Brock smiles to himself, before leaving to pay for his new toy. Expensive, but absolutely worth it.


You didn’t get a good look at him when he placed his bid. So you take a good look now, when he pays for you.

Dressed like a common biker. Stonewashed jeans, a brown leather jacket, brown eyes, dark hair, strong features.

You don’t say anything. You’re probably not supposed to.

Brock puts his money on the table. Signs the papers required. Before he shakes the other guys hand.

– Thank you for using our auction house Mr. Rumlow. Here’s your proof of ownership. And we hope you’ll return to our renown auctions.

Brock turns around to you, grabs your arm. Hard. Fuck. Are you just gonna leave with this guy?

– I already have what I came here for!

He answers, as he roughly drags you with him.

What is going to happen to you now?

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